21st Century Community Learning Center Grant

The 21st Century Community Learning Center grant is a 3-year grant from the PA Department of Education that funds after-school programming for CCCS students in grades 6-8. Engaging activities the program provides are: 

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) enrichments in advanced calculator, engineering, math, robotics, and science

  • Language arts development through group journaling, journalism club, book clubs, and theatre workshops

  • Fine arts lessons in instrumental music and painting and drawing

  • Life skills learning through cooking classes, mentoring, Second Step, and service learning

  • Physical activity instruction in dance and recreational sports

  • Students also receive individual tutoring as needed

  • Parent engagement activities include:

  • Grief workshops

  • Family support groups

  • Theatre workshops

  • Cooking/nutrition workshops

  • Referrals to community services

Some of our major partners that deliver special activities are:

  • Gas & Electric Arts who will bring their Theatre of the Oppressed workshops to program students and families 

  • Lisa Wolfe Music, LLC who will provide Build-A-Band instrumental music lessons for students

  • Widener University’s School of Social Work who will oversee delivery of the Second Step Program by their social work interns