21st Century Community Learning Center Program

Since 2001 CCCS has provided extended learning opportunities for students and families through summer, Saturday, and before and after school programming funded by 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) grants. Currently we have three 21st CCLC grants – Cohorts 7, 8, and 9. We have previously received “Cohort 5” (first awarded in spring 2010) and “Cohort 6” (awarded in spring 2012).

Since 2010 our 21st CCLC Cohort 5 grant has funded the following extended learning opportunities for students and their families:

Summer Camp 2010, 2011, 2012 (grades Pre-K, K, and 1): The summer program offers young children hands-on science activities, math readiness experiences, and cognitive learning opportunities in a language/literature rich environment. The program conducts activities both in partnership with the public library and in collaboration with the CCCS early learning staff to teach parents how they can help their children develop reading/school readiness at home and/or in the library. The summer school also offers trips designed to broaden children’s cultural exposure and concept development needed as the foundation for reading comprehension. These trips offer students exposure to the world beyond their immediate community, first steps in diverse cultural and global education.

Expanded After-School Services (grades K through 5): The program invites students to enroll in a comprehensive program of before school, after school and Saturday programming that includes variety and high interest activities that enhance the school day curriculum and result in enthusiastic student engagement. Parents are invited to take part in special Family Literacy events at the public library.

Before-School Program: The before school program offers students academic enrichment targeted to meet their needs for reading, math and/or science skills development through high-quality, hands-on learning activities; 30 minutes of organized physical activity every day; a nutritious breakfast; and supervision of caring adults in a safe environment. Program staff communicates with the children’s school day teachers to know what type of academic support each child needs.

After-School Program: Theme-based programming focuses on the culture, food, dance, art, music, poetry, geography, climate, and customs of various continents. Academic enrichment activities are designed to address PA standards in all curriculum areas of the regular school program via various hands-on, experiential, and/or technology based modalities. Children have the opportunity to make big murals, read books about people from other cultures, enjoy celebrations featuring food, art, and music and/or play the sports, music, and rhythms of people on other continents. Children develop projects about life in other parts of the globe. Project partners offer students mentoring, character development and service learning projects.

Super Saturdays: The program offers students additional academic enrichment opportunities on several Saturdays each year. Ten of these are for 20 students to attend the “Dare to Soar” program provided by the Swarthmore College Black Cultural Center; college students provide CCCS students Africana cultural material, resources, and mentoring during ten full-day sessions (5 per semester) on campus at the College. The 21st CCLC also offers trips and school based activities to further enhance the academic enrichment programming.

Partners: The program collaborates with numerous community partners that play an important role in implementing the program. These partners include, but are not limited to: the J. Lewis Crozer Library for activities designed to foster a love of books in children and families; MAC Association for DJ lessons, and other spoken arts; Earth Force for environmental education and service learning; the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for nutritious snacks and meals; Crozer-Chester Medical Center for nutrition education; Chambers Foundation for soccer lessons; Delaware County Family Centers for parenting classes; and Swarthmore College for academic enrichment to develop students’ understanding of Global cultures. Several partners will facilitate mentoring, character development activities, and service learning clubs and projects; these partners include Big Brothers / Big Sisters; Girl Scouts; Team Mac; the Rotary Club of Chester; and Swarthmore College.

Since spring 2012: Our 21st CCLC Cohort 6 grant funds our Empowerment For Success

  • Program that provides the following extended learning opportunities for students and their families:

  • The Empowerment for Success Program is an Out-of-School-Time (OST) Program designed to meet the needs of our students in grades K-8th. The program is funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant.

  • Empowerment for Success is proud to offer so many exciting new experiences to our students. Thanks to our many partnerships, the students are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of enrichment activities.

Music: Through our partnership with Lisa Wolfe Music, LLC, our students are now exposed to various musical instruments, they may have otherwise never have experienced. Lisa and her team work very closely with our students introducing them to such instruments as guitar, violin, keyboarding and drums to name a few.

The Arts: Visual Arts are provided by a local artist who comes in weekly providing our students with the opportunity to work with such medium as chalk, watercolor and acrylic paints. Hedgerow Theatre, a local theatre company, will soon be joining our team to provide our students with acting lessons on a weekly basis. Each lesson will coincide with themes and lesson plans being taught during the school day.

Physical Education: Future Captain Sports provides our students with multi sports activities and educates them on the importance of good sportsmanship and team work. First Tee a local non-profit agency provides middle school students with the basic concepts of golf. Come this spring we will also be offering the Soccer for Success Program as part of our Out of School Time programming.

Character Building: Counseling groups focusing on self esteem and mentoring programs are also provided through the Empowerment for Success Program. The Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) has recently begun a girls group with our middle school population focusing on Safe Dating. 5th grade girls and boys were offered to opportunity to take part in the Warrior Guides Mentoring Program sponsored by the Andrew L. Hicks Foundation.

Tutoring: Additional tutoring is provided to any student in need. Our tutors are local students from Widener University. Both Campuses will have tutoring available on a daily basis.

In addition to our many enrichment activities, academics is integral part of the Empowerment Program. Academics are interdisciplinary and cross-curricular, integrating language arts and social studies standards across content areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Program materials are highly motivating and provide hands-on experiences with modalities for varied learning styles and in-depth explorations involving comprehension, vocabulary word attack and language arts skills. Materials to support curriculum include: Flocabulary, BrainPOP, ThinkFinity, Glogster, Fast ForWord, and Imagine Learning.

Summer Camp 2012 (grades 2-8): The Empowerment for Success Summer Camp featured multiple partners who added diverse programming to students’ summer experience. Summer camp in 2012 featured music, dance, art, and theater: Lisa Wolfe Music, Inc. provided instruction in violin, guitar and keyboarding; Jazz Journeys introduced sixth graders to the history of Jazz and instructed them on how to create jazz with means as simple as a pair of drum sticks and a home depot bucket; the Rock School of Dance instructed students on various types of dance and dance techniques; two local artists enriched children’s understanding of art by exposing them to several different art mediums such as water color, paint and chalk; and Hedgerow Theatre provided our children with a basic understanding of theatre through games and improv.

Sports programming included: Future Captain Sports (FCS) who provided our students with multi sports education on a daily basis - the basics of basketball, soccer football and cheerleading to name a few, plus the importance of team work and good sportsmanship; and First Tee who provided our students with an understanding of golf and the skills needed to excel in the sport.

Seventh and eighth graders were involved in a new program called REAL CHANGE. REAL CHANGE was created to help young people learn to really see each other and in turn, obtain a better understanding of what each of us has to offer. It is the hope of REAL CHANGE to instill in young people compassion and understanding. Through this understanding we hope to change how we communicate with one another, in hopes of creating a positive change in the world.

Field trips were another integral part of our summer programming. Students had the opportunity to visit both the Constitution Center and Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. They experienced how to work as a team in the rope course at the JCC in Delaware. Everyone enjoyed a relaxing day at Brandywine Picnic Park as we floated down the river in our tubes and enjoyed an all you can eat picnic. Bowling and Skating were two local activities that seemed to be a favorite among both students and staff.