The school’s mission, Empowering Students as Learners, is clearly working. It is very gratifying to see children engaged in the learning process, asking poignant questions, and energized and excited to be a part of a school culture that allows them to be the best citizen that he or she can be. Our wonderful and dedicated teaching staff tirelessly works to provide the best educational opportunities for our students. They are the backbone of our charter, and we are forever grateful to them for their unyielding support for our students. On behalf of the entire Board, I want to sincerely thank our teachers, teaching assistants, administrators and support staff for their tireless dedication. Keep up the great work!
— The Honorable Spencer B. Seaton, Jr., Chairman

The Honorable Spencer B. Seaton, Jr.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Peter Barrow
Vice President

Cheryl Moran

George Cordes

Crista Johnson