At Chester Community Charter School, we pride ourselves on having created a “Private, Public School” culture in which: our campuses, facilities and first-class, certified teaching staff resemble those of a private institution; academic programs that include partnerships with many of the region’s best colleges and universities; uniform student attire; an effective “no-tolerance” policy; enriching extracurricular activities; and intra-scholastic sports.

Students’ academic growth and parents’ satisfaction have contributed to the school’s steady growth from humble beginnings of 97 students in grades K-4 in 1998, to a current enrollment of more than 3,000 students in grades K-8. Over the past 15 years, CCCS has engaged its parents in creating “wish lists” depicting the type of education they desired for their children. These wish lists have served as the basis for the school’s ongoing, innovative growth and development.   

Located in Chester, PA, a proud, but economically challenged city whose crime and poverty rates are among the highest in the state, Chester Community Charter School and its campuses stand out, breathing life back into the city, creating the first new school buildings Chester has seen since 1980. On the CCCS campuses, the challenging climate of the city is contrasted by one of safety, security and caring, as CCCS buildings are secured by video surveillance and intercom systems with camera and door strike. 


What Makes Us Special?

Chester Community Charter School is special because we have so much to offer. Parents choose to send their children to our school for many reasons including:

  • Safe, secure, and nurturing learning environments

  • Anti-bullying support groups and services in each building

  • Access to laptop computers in grades 3 through 8

  • Nook Readers for middle school students

  • High-speed WiFi in all buildings

  • SmartBoards and computer labs

  • Three state-of-the-art campuses

  • Dedicated, experienced teachers

  • Recipients of numerous state and federal competitive grants

  • Academically Gifted Program for grades 1-8

  • Scholarship opportunities for graduating 8th graders

  • Parent report cards and an end of the year celebration for parents who get good grades

  • Annual Parent Appreciation Dinner, offered to honor CCCS parents who make a difference in the lives of their children by partnering with CCCS in order to support their child’s education

Student Demographics: The school’s student population is predominantly African American and includes 10% Hispanic and 1% White. Half of our students live in single-parent families; and more than 90% in low-income families.