Employment Information

At Chester Community Charter School, we recognize that the most essential factor in ensuring student learning success is outstanding teaching. To that end, we are dedicated to hiring highly-talented and empathic individuals committed to transforming the lives of CCCS scholars.

In establishing this commitment to growing an exceptional instructional staff, we also recognize the critical importance of developing outstanding professionals, providing ongoing learning, empowering our staff to embrace those vital instructional tools and strategies to address the diverse learning needs of our scholars.

Great teaching is all about building significant connections with our scholars. This connecting involves two essential components:

  1. Developing meaningful connections with what our scholars are learning.

  2. Nurturing personal connections with each child as a unique and capable individual.

We believe that students invest in themselves when they are invested in. We are looking for exceptional educators who will make that life-giving investment.

For a complete list of available opportunities and to apply, please click the Employment Opportunities button below: