Federal Entitlements - Title III

Since 2009, CCCS has received Title III funds to support a wide array of educational services for limited English proficient and immigrant students and their families. The funds are used for activities that assist LEP students in developing English language proficiency in comprehension, listening, speaking, reading and writing, and meet the same challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards as all children are expected to meet.

The CCCS core instructional program for ELL students focuses on specialized vocabulary, learning strategies and literacy, all of which are aligned with the Pennsylvania Language Proficiency Standards in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The ELL instructional program is multifaceted. Instructional materials used include SRA’s Language for Learning, Vocabulary Picture Pack, the Oxford Picture Dictionary for Kids for primary elementary grades, and the Oxford Picture Dictionary for Kids Across Content Areas for our upper elementary students. The picture dictionary presents over 700 words in the context of pictures that tell stories. The ESL teacher uses resources from the general education curriculum such as ESL extensions and leveled readers. Title III funds have been used to purchase supplemental instructional materials. The ESL Program Coordinator researched programs and selected those that are aligned with PA academic standards and meet NCLB and Title III requirements.

Instructional Materials purchased with this grant include: Beginning Reader Phonics Kit; Intermediate Phonic and Word Study; Language patterns and Vocabulary; Reading Mentor; Headphones; Super Activity Kit Learning Magnets; Alphabet Center; Blends Center; Word Families/Rhymes; CD/Cassette Learning Center; Math for ELLs Teacher Guide and Student Texts; Building Vocabulary Skills; Reading Comprehension Games; Writing 4; and Centers for Math, Writing, Phonics, and Literacy. Additionally, funds are used to support training from the Delaware County Intermediate Unit in accommodating all students: how teachers can support ELL students in their regular education classrooms.