9 CCCS Scholars Awarded $1,000 Walmart Shopping Spree

“Ready, Set, SHOP!” Dr. David Clark, Chester Community Charter School CEO, yelled in the Eddystone Walmart at 7 am this morning.

Nine scholars, one from each of the nine CCCS buildings, were awarded a $1,000 Walmart shopping spree for having the most growth on their DIBLES, iReady, or PSSA exams in 2018. They had to spend it all in one hour but could pick out anything they wanted! Surrounded by their families, principals, and some siblings looking to sneak some toys in their cart, the scholars eagerly raced down the isles. (Mostly to the electronics section.)

Throughout the month of October, each building held an iReady award assembly. In front of all their fellow classmates, $25 gift cards were given to every student who produced some sort of scale growth, elite status performance, increase in performance, or proficiency in status performance on their DIBLES, iReady, or PSSA exams.

This yearly incentive program was started last year, funded by the school board. Vahan and Danielle Gureghian of CSMI Education Management graciously donated the funding for the Walmart Shopping Spree for the scholars with greatest overall growth. The goal is to reward scholars who are excelling- but also to encourage students to be inspired by their classmates who are being acknowledged so they can receive the same next year.


Walmart Shopping Spree

Award Assemblies


For more information on the award program, click here.

Bus Drivers & Scholars with Perfect Attendance Honored at Curiosity Hall

Chester Community Charter School officials gathered to honor second and third grade scholars with perfect attendance for September and October as well as some of the people responsible for this achievement – families and bus drivers!

The students, their families and the drivers were treated to a full breakfast made by East B staff to encourage continue their daily attendance. CEO Dr. David Clark addressed those gathered to thank them for being part of the “CCCS Family,” and for their commitment to education. Each driver received a certificate of appreciation. Curiosity Hall Principal Timika Mills presented a pin to each student and their parent for the achievement.

Philadelphia Union Will Bring CCCS Scholars With Perfect Attendance to Games!


Remember on Monday when the Philadelphia Union came to visit & turned our gym into an awesome soccer field? Well they made a promise that if our students have perfect attendance they'll get to earn even more fun! Here are the promised prizes for the #UAttend REWARDS PROGRAM presented by Southern New Hampshire University.

UAttend_ Presented by SNHU-2.png

Philadelphia Union Visits CCCS to Reward Great Attendance

The Philadelphia Union Soccer team visited CCCS this Monday, October 1st, with their partner, Southern New Hampshire University. In order to reward the scholars for their great attendance in the month of September, they set up games, meet and greets with players, and prize stations in the gymnasium. 
To keep attendance going at the same great rates, Philadelphia Union is offering prizes to those who do not miss a day of school for the rest of the trimester and year! They believe in the importance of showing up to school and learning, just like how their soccer players show up to practice and play. 

Thank you, Philadelphia Union & Southern New Hampshire University!

How Parents Can Help Build the Important Habit of Good Attendance: Attendance Awareness Month

The mission of Attendance Works "is to advance student success and reduce equity gaps by reducing chronic absence."

Through Attendance Awareness Month, they are bringing to light the issues caused by chronic absence, how we as guardians and educators can combat it, and how to create a positive school climate that engages students and families in learning and sets the expectation that attendance matters.

"Parents want their children to do well in school but many don’t fully understand the connection between chronic absence and a student’s academic achievement. Hand out these flyers to help build the habit of attendance!" - Attendance Works

CCCS Alum Starts Non- Profit to Help Current Students


Chester Community Charter School alum from the class of 2011, Tiana Preacher, visited campus Friday afternoon on behalf of the non- profit she started this past December- Embrace PositiviTee. They are a "Non-profit women’s empowerment organization that allows women to embrace their true selves with the help of Christ through peace, prayer & positivity." 
Through this mission, she donated boxes of school supplies, from notebooks and pens to folders and art equipment, to the CCCS students for their upcoming school year.
After graduating seven years ago Ms. Preacher attended Cardinal O’Hara High School on a full scholarship which she says she could never have achieved if it weren't for the help and support she received from her mentors at CCCS. 
"This school really gave me everything I needed to succeed, especially all the help I gained from Mr.Battinieri, he's the reason I am where I am today," Tiana stated as she carried box after box of supplies from her car to the steps of the administration building.
Preacher is now a psychology major at Hampton University and ultimately aspires to go into nursing. 
"I want to spread the message on the importance of giving back, and that young students can truly do anything they set their mind to." 

To help support Tiana and her organization Embrace PositiviTee follow @EmbracePositiviTee on Instagram or give their Facebook page a like!

Thank you, Tiana!