Ms. Watkins has been with CCCS for nearly 17 years and has been an educator for more than 36 years. She began at CCCS teaching fourth and fifth grades. She later became a Grade Level Supervisor and a Grade Director. While holding these positions, Ms. Watkins had the opportunity to support and mentor classroom teachers. In 2008, Ms. Watkins became the Assistant Principal of the Middle School on the West Campus. Two years later, Ms. Watkins helped to establish the new Middle School on the East Campus as Building Principal.  

Ms. Watkins has a genuine and sincere compassion for children. She sets high expectations and will accept nothing less than that from her students!

Two of her favorite quotes are:
"When students know better, they will do better.” 
“The secret in education lies in respecting the student.” 

Ms. Watkins belief system has motivated and inspired students over the years. She is fond of reminding others that, "Being an educator is the best gift that one can ever have, because, the return you get from developing successful students is priceless."

Ms. Watkins obtained both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Saint Joseph’s University.