IT Tickets

IT Ticket System Directives
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Submit IT Ticket

Password: cccsitd2014

  • Step 1: Enter your name and password: newuser (you will be prompted to create your own)

  • Step 2: Select your location, building and area from the drop down lists.  You must also enter your room number on the right. 

  • Step 3: Select your problem type by clicking on the icon that best describes your issue.

  • Step 4: Enter a description in the box provided.

  • Step 5: Enter the best time of day for someone to come to your room.  If you leave this blank we will assume that we can come any time.

  • Step 6: Select a purpose for the request, most issues you can select general maintenance.

  • Step 7: There is a spot for a requested completion date, you can use this field to let us know that you need something set up or installed by that date.

  • Step 8: Next is a place to attach a file be it a picture or other file that describes the problem.

  • Step 9: The last field is the submittal password; you have to input following password in order to submit your request. 
    IT Password: cccsitd2014

  • Step 10: Click Submit

*All IT requests must go through this new system and they will be completed in the order they are received.